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Bundle Optimizer

Bundle Optimizer enables you to identify the “optimal“ of all possible combinations from a given list of components or features. The “optimal“ combination is the particular combination of components which achieves the highest reach among the respondents interviewed, i.e. the combination which attracts most of the respondents.

Bundle Optimizer defines reach as the total (relative or absolute) number of different people for whom a certain combination of components covers a given minimum number of components considered as most desirable for their individual preference. To identify the reach you have to determine beforehand the number of components that the optimal combination has to comprise and to what extent the components of this combination stated as desirable by the respondents has to be covered by this combination.

Typical research questions are:

What common benefits are perceived by most consumers in the case of a given product?

What is the optimal mix of sales messages I could use for communication to attract the most people?

Which grouping of image features do most respondents explicitly associate with a given brand?

What qualities should a given product have to attract the maximum number of potential buyers?